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Security guard camera surveillance (with education)

12,50 - 18,75
40 hours a week
Your colleagues can work in a tank with a safe feeling. There is enough oxygen and there are no hazardous substances in the tank. They can depend on that, because they can depend on your expertise. You are monitoring the work spot and the environment non-stop and thanks to you, your colleagues can work without any doubts and get home safely every day. This is a big responsibility and it is exactly what makes you fit for the job!

We offer you a great opportunity: follow our unique training program (in English!) and become a security guard camera surveillance in de petrochemical industry in Rotterdam.


You are responsible for the safety of your colleagues and you make sure the safety rules are being followed on the job. While they are working in confined spaces, you are closely watching the space with camera surveillances. On the monitors you notice everything that happens, inside and outside, so you can immediately take action when necessary.

But camera monitoring is not the only task on your list. Every 2 hours you change shifts with one of your colleagues. He or she will take place behind the monitor. And it’s your turn to go outside, to keep an eye on everything that is happening in the work field. That brings even more variety in your job.

Your tasks in this job are:

  • Monitoring the confined spaces with cameras
  • Responsible for the registration of the employees that are working in the confined spaces
  • Follow up the protocol in case of calamities
  • Recognise unsafe situations, report them and find fitting solutions for the situation

Workdays and times

In this job, you work in different shifts, including days, nights and weekends. 


This training starts from the first week of september. Are you available for work before september? Excellent! We have different kind of jobs and projects where you can start immediately untill this project starts, so you do not have to wait to get started. 

Wat heeft QPS Works jou te bieden?

What do we have to offer?

If you are going to work for this company, you will get great possibilities to develop your skills. This company is willing to invest in your talent in many ways. We offer you the amazing opportunity to follow courses and trainings, so you can become a true professional in your work field. What are you waiting for?!

We offer you:

  • A salary of € 12,50 gross per hour, excl. allowances on your wage for working in different shifts. You will receive an allowance from 110% till 150% on your wage for night/weekend shifts. The salary will be € 13,75 - € 18,75 per hour incl. wages for these shifts. 
  • Weekly paid.
  • A permanent contract at the company, when you make yourself irreplaceable. 
  • Company rental car if necessary.
Wat breng jij mee?

What do we ask of you? (requirements)

You can easily switch when necessary and you are always calm. Under any kind of circumstances. Safety is always your number one priority and you perform at best in an job where you can use your great sense of responsibility and estimation.

Besides that:

  • Your knowledge of the English language is good: speaking, writing and hearing, so you are able to follow the trainingsprogram for this job.
  • Drivers license is a big priority. 
  • You are flexible. Working in evening-/night-/weekend- or dayshifts? No problem for you. 
  • Don’t have a car? No problem. We can help you out with our special company car agreement.
  • Working in small spaces or height is no problem for you.
  • You can work with a computer. Experience with Office? That’s even better!

Over QPS Works

Medewerkers met kennis van zaken. De perfecte match. Dat is waar wij voor gaan!
Werk is belangrijk in je leven. Werk zorgt natuurlijk voor salaris, maar speelt daarnaast ook een grote rol in je persoonlijke groei en levert sociale contacten op.
Bij QPS Works snappen wij dat als geen ander.

Wat zijn jouw drijfveren?
Wil je verder leren? Wil je opleidingen en trainingen volgen om verder te komen?
Wij denken met je mee en investeren graag in jouw talent.

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Ben jij enthousiast geworden? Of wil je meer weten over deze baan? Neem dan gerust contact met ons op. Bel of mail QPS collega Alwin Smit

Alwin Smit
Recruiter 085-9026970 Stuur een WhatsApp bericht Geïnteresseerd in deze vacature? Direct solliciteren


Stuur ons dan meteen jouw gegevens. Een cv meesturen mag (graag zelfs) – maar is niet verplicht. We nemen binnen 2 werkdagen contact met je op.

We hebben dan wellicht nog wat vragen voor je of we plannen meteen een inschrijfgesprek in. Dat kan plaatsvinden op ons kantoor, maar in veel gevallen ook online.

Heb je een vraag over deze vacature?

Ben jij enthousiast geworden? Of wil je meer weten over deze baan? Neem dan gerust contact met ons op. Bel of mail QPS collega Alwin Smit 085-9026970 Stuur een WhatsApp bericht
Technisch medewerkers

Vakbekwame, betrokken en flexibele medewerkers

De beste mensen op de juiste plek, de perfecte match. Daar gaan we voor.
Wij kennen onze mensen: onze klanten en onze medewerkers. Daardoor maken wij het verschil.

Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in het bemiddelen van medewerkers in diverse branches, zoals o.a. de cleaning, (petrochemische) industrie, bouw, techniek, GWW, productie, logistiek en tankshops. Zowel tijdelijke projecten als opdrachten met uitzicht op een vast contract.

Zo werkt het, bij QPS Works!

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